Thursday, February 28, 2008


Bri is doing fine after surgery. However, the procedure they wanted to do they did not do. They unblocked one tear duct I believe instead. They want to give her eye a little while to adjust and see if things work out on their own. So, things are unclear for now what is to happen next.

We have our assignment for 3rd round. We make a kit we would sell if we were a designer in the store. The voting will be for selective persons though, unlike the first two rounds. If I do not get a spot, I have not decided what to do with the kit I am making. It will not be offered as a freebie this time. I am thinking of designing additional items that could be considered add-ons for all those freebie lovers, so be looking out.

Grab my freebies from the past, I may start deactivated the links after a while.

If you have not voted yet, please vote, your last chance to get a vote in. Thanks!

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