Friday, October 10, 2008

Good morning to my blog friends.

I am really behind on my freebie postviews. I did manage to get this one done of Sweet September. I thought postview was a better term than preview, since mine come after all the downloads. If you collected all the pieces you will want to snag this to add to the collection, then you can delete the mini-previews from each download. Or just a thought.
I made a dove to go in this kit. I love doves. I raised some for a short period. I had a very sweet, gentle pair. They are really messy to clean up after though, and after the children started coming in our lives, it was time to give them up. I enjoyed them when I had them. In the mornings, they would cou,(forgive the spelling), and the wild doves outside would visit near our home and communicate with them, it was a very beautiful thing. Anyway, after rambling this morning, enjoy the downloads and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet :) I hope you and your spouse are blissfully happy. You have beautiful children. Where is your spouse? I see happy photos of the kids but none of the honey. Oh he must be a wonderful man to provide for you and your kids so that you can stay at home --I bet you really appreciate him! Enjoy this time when they are young--you are so lucky. I hope you have a nice romantic evening tonight with your dear husband! Trying for kids is so fun! You are wonderful for these lovely gifts you post.

Jaye said...

These are really lovely!!
Are there links somewhere?

Anonymous said...

hmm. nice )

Anonymous said...

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